What is MONACO (MCO)?

Monaco is a cryptocurrecy Visa card that allows users to spend and send money globally at interbank exchange rates without any additional markups or fees. Users can fund their Monaco Visa card using Bitcoin and Ether. In the future, users can also fund the Visa card using Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens. When users swipe the Monaco Visa card, an increment of cryptocurrency or token is converted on the fly to pay for the transaction.

Users can send money to each other for free using the Monaco app in real-time. There are also security features built into the app such as card blocking and geographical security.

MCO is the Monaco token, and you will earn them every time you use your Monaco card. Each transaction can let you earn as much as 2 percent MCO cashback. MCO tokens are based on Ethereum, the global decentralized verification network known for its extreme security.