What is Bluzelle (BLZ)?

Bluzelle wants to set a new standard for data storage and management. As blockchain is laying the brickwork for a new online, decentralized infrastructure, centralized technology won’t be sufficient enough to support this new-age experience. At least Bluzelle thinks so, and its team is doing its part to help build towards this future.

They envision that Bluzelle’s decentralized database will set a new standard for the new internet. With Bluzelle, developers and consumers can store data for their applications on its distributed network, offering a more flexible and secure model than current services. Although its target is data storage, its actually not competing with Siacoin or Filecoin, though it’s easy to think so at first glance. In theory, Bluzelle would work alongside programs like Sia, Substratum, iExec, and Golem to create the next generation internet.