What is Bitcoin Private (BTCP)?

Bitcoin Private is the result of a fork-merge between Zclassic and Bitcoin, which occurred on March 2, 2018. This new blockchain utilizes zk-SNARKs privacy protocol, whereby transactions are published on a public blockchain, however, the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain unidentifiable. Furthermore, Bitcoin Private supports an increased block size (2MB) with faster block times (2.5 min) compared to Bitcoin, which allows significantly more transactions per second.

Bitcoin Private is maintained by an ever-growing global community. Dedicated to its community-driven nature, no premine or founder’s tax was implemented on the Bitcoin Private blockchain. The development team strives to make privacy transactions mainstream, with the imminent release of its merchant platform for web vendors. Unlike other Bitcoin forks, the BTCP contribution team also plans to include full SegWit support along with the Lightning network by the end of 2018.