How to Earn Bitcoin Through Bitcoin Faucets


Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of momentum lately as it has recently managed to cross the $8,000 mark with its current bullish run. Since the market mayhem that occurred right in the beginning of 2018, seems to be finally coming to an end as the protracted bearish run of Bitcoin is showing a reversal. At the time of writing, this cryptocurrency is leading the currency list on Coinmarketcap with a market capitalisation of approximately 143 billion USD and a price nearly equivalent to $8,400 (as of 25th July, 2018).

Whether going through a bullish or bearish phase, Bitcoin is always considered an extremely valuable asset for the cryptocurrency traders and investors all around the world. That is why; since its very development in 2009, developers and traders have been inventing a vast number of different procedures for earning this currency in a safe and risk-free manner. Some of these methods such as faucets, affiliate programs, mining pools; Masternodes, etc. are very popular in the crypto-sphere due to their ingenious and unique sets of features and advantages.

Bitcoin faucets are unarguably one of the easiest methods to earn Bitcoin nowadays. Here, a few aspects of Bitcoin earning through faucets would be discussed along with the best faucets currently available in the crypto-world.

What are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets basically refer to a reward system as an application or website that gives away Satoshis (hundredth of a millionth Bitcoin) as rewards to the people who successfully complete certain tasks such as finishing a CAPTCHA instructed by the website. The first Bitcoin faucet named “The Bitcoin Faucet” was designed by Gavin Andersen that gave away five tokens per person. Different faucets follow their individual set of rules during the distribution process. The level of difficulty for the puzzles or CAPTCHAs to be solved also changes accordingly.

How do Faucets Work?

Bitcoin faucets follow a fairly simple and uncomplicated system. To earn money from faucets, you would simply have to perform a task which is mostly completing a CAPTCHA or solving a puzzle. Sometimes the tasks include simply watching videos or staying on a certain webpage for a certain period of time. After your task is completed, you would need to put your wallet info on the faucet website where the Satoshis would be transferred either instantaneously or after a certain period of time.

The faucets get paid by advertisers all around the world based on the time you spend on these websites for solving puzzles. Before getting involved in Bitcoin earning using this method, you should also be aware of the scams that masquerade themselves as legitimate Bitcoin faucets and avoid them as much as possible. A lot of websites nowadays post scam alerts that can be helpful in identifying these scams.

The Top Ranked Bitcoin Faucets in the World:

Below you would find some of the best Bitcoin faucets that are currently available in the crypto-market along with their specific features and payout structures.

  1. Moon Bitcoin: This is one of the most popular Bitcoin faucets that traders use for Bitcoin earning. Moon Bitcoin pay out every five minutes and provides a referral link as well which gives you the opportunity to earn more money. This faucet follows a fairly straightforward procedure where all you have to do is to leave the browser for five minutes, claim your rewards, and then start over once again.

The fact that this faucet also offers a large number of Altcoins such as Dash besides Bitcoin makes it an even more convenient choice for the traders. Moon Bitcoin allows instant withdrawal and the reward range varies from 3 to 180 Satoshis. If you sign in on a daily basis on this faucet, you would receive a bonus despite claiming the reward once.


  1. Family BTC: Family BTC is one of the most easily approachable Bitcoin faucets in the crypto-sphere at the moment and is well-known for its user-friendly interface. Despite having a large community, this Bitcoin faucet has earned its reputation by providing a decent time frame with a payout every 15 minutes and a cent percent commission for referrals.

Similar to Moon Bitcoin, Family BTC also offers an instantaneous withdrawal system and can be a valuable addition to your quotidian faucet rounds.


  1. FreeBitco.in: FreeBitco.in is considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy Bitcoin faucets in the world. This faucet offers a payout once every 60 minutes along with arranging weekly lotteries where you can earn an entire Bitcoin instead of its bits and pieces. This faucet also provides a lifetime 50% referral fee.

The reward range varies from 9 to 2,700 Satoshis on this faucet. They also offer a direct payout system with 30,000 Satoshis being the minimum withdrawal amount. FreeBitco.in provides a very user-friendly website interface as well along with an uncomplicated earning procedure.


  1. Cointiply: Cointiply is known for their wide range of reward. Starting from 70 Satoshis, you can earn up to 10,000 Satoshis from this faucet. It also offers various options from watching videos to solving puzzles and completing CAPTCHAs on this website assisting you in maximising your Bitcoin earning.

Your earnings from this faucet can be collected from Faucet Hub website with a minimum withdrawal amount of 35,000 Satoshis. In addition, Cointiply offers a lifetime referral bonus of 25% to the users, making this faucet even more popular to the investors.


  1. SwissAdsPays Faucet: This has been one of the most extensively used faucets for several years. Even when this faucet was behind in payments, they continued to pay their users back rather than folding up and reclaimed their position in the market. SwissAdsPays offer a long range of rewards starting from 22 to 8,659 Satoshis.

Their payouts take place every one hour and once you earn 80,000 Satoshis, the amount is directly transferred to your account instantly. This faucet is also very popular because of its simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can follow and start earning right away after registration.


  1. Bonus Bitcoin: This website provides their users with the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 Satoshis within a time period of 15 minutes depending upon how many people are online at a certain time. Usually the reward range varies from 24 to 120 Satoshis on this faucet along with instant withdrawal facility.

Unlike other websites, Bonus Bitcoin offers a completely free registration process and provides a referral bonus of 5% to the users for the previous day as long as you continue using this faucet on sequential days. The payouts are transferred to CoinPot for collecting rewards.


  1. BTCClicks: BTCClicks is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets that have been operational since 2013. It is also one of the most trustworthy and secured faucets as well. The faucet works on various affiliate programs and the combination of 0.00019 mBTC per click.

Using the referral links from these faucets, you can earn up to 80% in commission. The minimum withdrawal amount for this Bitcoin faucet is 10,000 Satoshis. The website interface of this faucet is also uncomplicated, comprehensible, and suitable for beginners as well.


  1. Bitcoin Aliens: This Bitcoin faucet is known for its high payout amount. Bitcoin Aliens provides an average payout amount of 4,300 Satoshis within a window of sixty minutes.

Unlike other faucets, this website provides a unique online game for earning Bitcoin. Here, you would get paid for killing aliens individually.  This faucet offers instantaneous payouts which can be directly collected from the website itself.


  1. Bitcoin Zebra: This is another very reliable faucet that offers a sui generis way for earning Bitcoin. Where other faucet websites depend on videos and CAPTCHAs, here the users have to feed zebras on a virtual platform every few minutes.

This faucet offers variable reward ranges to the users and the amount is transferred to either Faucetbox or Xapo Wallet. Bitcoin Zebra also provides a healthy referral bonus to the users.


  1. Satoshi City: Satoshi City is well-known for its high referral bonus. On this website, you would be able to earn Bitcoin by simply solving a CAPTCHA and subsequently claiming your reward.

The payout window lasts for 10 minutes on this website giving you the opportunity to earn up to 400 Satoshis. Satoshi City also comes with a very attractive and user-friendly website interface that anyone can use for income. Your earnings can be collected directly from this website.


Besides these ten faucets, you would find many other options like Instant-BTC, Qoinpro, BitGames.io, Robot Coin, Milli faucet, and many others that can help you in earning Bitcoin with minimum effort.

Bitcoin Faucet Rotator:

Faucet rotators provide you with the updated list of top ranked Bitcoin faucets where you can register for income. These faucet rotators maintain a highly sophisticated system and provide the best possible faucet list depending upon various parameters like referral bonus, payout frequency, rewards range, and many more. They effectively participate in expediting the process of earning Bitcoin.

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Final Thoughts:

Although earning through Bitcoin faucets is a relatively new process, it has managed to earn considerable popularity for generating high traffic and giving an opportunity to earn fairly easily. So, if you are looking for some easy money, these faucets can be an effective option to choose.