How to Earn Bitcoin through Affiliate Programs


Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency that has been operational since 2009, is still the most influential digital currency in the existing crypto-sphere that contains nearly eighteen hundred coins. Despite the market maelstrom at the beginning of 2018 followed by a series of infelicitous occurrences, Bitcoin is converting its bearish movement into a strong bullish one. As a large portion of the cryptocurrency market still depends on the price and movement of Bitcoin, a myriad of investors and traders can still be found across the globe looking for risk-free ways to earn this currency.

Among numerous ways of earning this cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin faucets, trading bots, joining free mining pools, Masternodes, etc. affiliate programs are clearly one of the most popular methods of passive earning. Nowadays, you would find a considerable number of affiliate programs with different sets of features and advantages. Here, you would find out a few aspects of these programs along with the top ones that are currently available for Bitcoin traders.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program refers to an electronic program involving recruited webmasters and web advertisers. These webmasters place the advertisements of a certain company on their individually owned websites as affiliates. The advertisements in these affiliate programs are linked to the company websites and are known as affiliate links. In case of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, these affiliate links are attached to that specific cryptocurrency. The moment anyone clicks on the affiliate links, a certain amount of money is earned by the user through advertisements. As a result, these programs serve as a decent recourse for passive income.

How Does a Bitcoin Affiliate Program Work?

Services running Bitcoin affiliate programs provide an incredible opportunity for earning Bitcoin as they pay you in this currency whenever you send paying customers to them. The entire process is executed through a few steps such as:

  1. Signing up for a specific affiliate program and providing them your Bitcoin address so that they can readily pay you.
  2. A unique referral URL is provided to you pointing to websites
  3. Posting the URL on personal websites or social networking accounts
  4. Once the referral link is posted, it is a matter of time before someone clicks on the link and purchase on the affiliate program service’s website
  5. The service recognises the customers sent by you and you earn a certain percentage as commission in Bitcoin.

The more people click on your referral link, the more Bitcoin you would earn as commission from the affiliate program. That is why; it is very important to generate a considerable amount of internet traffic in order to maximise your income.

The Top Ranked Affiliate Programs for Earning Bitcoin:

Among numerous Bitcoin affiliate programs, these programs are preferred by most traders because of their efficiency and various sui generis features:

  1. io Affiliate Program: CEX.io is unarguably one of the most popular Bitcoin affiliate programs used by both inexperienced and experienced investors across the globe. Besides being the first mining provider in the world, CEX.io is also a very popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers margin and internet trading.

This exchange offers a veritably high commission rate which is 30% for all transactions. The commission is given for the lifespan of each referral. Being a decent margin trading exchange, CEX.io offers a significant amount of profit to the users.

This exchange pays out on a daily basis starting 30 days from the date on which your referral incentive gets added to your account.


  1. Changelly Affiliate Program: Changelly is another very popular exchange that allows investors to exchange USD for a vast range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. It offers the best exchange rates for their users and purchases them as per requirement. Changelly is one of the best available options for crypto-to-crypto exchange in the market.

The affiliate program of Changelly offers a 50% revenue share for the life of the customers referred by you. The payout is usually done the day after the transaction is made by the customer referred by you. A 50% commission on every customer is a fairly lucrative deal and one of the main reasons behind its immense popularity.


  1. Coinbase Referral Program: This exchange offers one of the best Bitcoin processing services around the world. Coinbase offers $10 for each person referred by you who buys or sells at least $100 within 180 days of registration. You would also receive $10 for each referral itself. The payout usually happens three or four days after the transaction.

Coinbase also offers referral bonus depending upon the time taken to reach the $100 mark within the 180 day period. It is one of the few exchanges that provide frequent reports on various states of the referral program for the convenience of customers as well as yours.


  1. RunCPA Affiliate Program: This is a large affiliate marketing network that specialises on cryptocurrencies. RunCPA connects developers with affiliate marketers in order to develop products for people interested in such projects.

As far as commission rates are concerned, RunCPA has three different affiliate programs with different revenue shares. For regular affiliate programs, RunCPA offers a 15% lifetime revenue share to the user. They also offer 25% revenue share from the affiliates and 50% from the advertisers with bonuses under specific circumstances. Unlike most other programs, RunCPA offers an instant payout system which is one of the main reasons behind its renown.


  1. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program: LocalBitcoins is a person-to-person trading site that allows users from various countries to use this exchange platform. This exchange allows its users to trade Bitcoin for a fiat currency directly with each other.

Through this affiliate program, you can earn 20% of the user’s trading fee on each trade where the trading fee is 1% of the total amount available for trading. In case you refer both buyer and seller to this exchange, you would receive an aggregate of 40% commission for your referral.

LocalBitcoins offer a daily payout system where the amount gets transferred directly to your LocalBitcoins wallet.


  1. CoinMama: CoinMama is another very popular affiliate program that allows people to purchase Bitcoin by using credit cards. This company offers a healthy commission of 15% on all your referrals from their website using the affiliate link provided by you. The deal also includes lifetime future purchases.

In addition to referral links, Coinmama also offers banners for placing on your personal website or social network accounts. This company provides a monthly payout system where the payment is directly transferred to your Bitcoin address. To receive payouts, you need to have three successful orders by at least three users.


  1. VirWox Affiliate Program: VirWox is an ingeniously developed virtual world exchange that allows users to buy Bitcoin in exchange of SLL, the currency used in the Game Second Life. This exchange is well-known for its high rate of commission as it pays 20% of all the referrals made by you.

VirWox pays out on a monthly basis, however, the payments are not sent automatically to your Bitcoin address. They offer partial report on each of your referrals.


  1. KeepKey Wallet Affiliate Program: KeepKey is a relatively new hardware crypto wallet that is in fierce competition with well-known wallets like Trezor or Ledger. With innovative designs and algorithms, KeepKey offers a highly secure and efficient wallet to its users.

The revenue share procedure of KeepKey wallet is also fairly unique as they offer 10% affiliates of the selling price of their wallets. In case you manage to refer other affiliates, you would receive a commission of 5%. They allow commission only once per customer unlike other affiliate programs where you can earn as many times as you want. KeepKey provides reports constantly on the referrals however; the payout frequency of this hardware wallet is still unclear.


  1. Trezor Affiliate Program: Trezor is indubitably the most popular hardware wallet in the crypto-sphere at the moment. They are one of the safest options for storing Bitcoin offline.

The Trezor Affiliate Program provides commission up to 10% to their affiliates and the amount is paid only in BTC. Trezor offers payouts on a monthly basis and the amount is directly transferred to your Bitcoin address. The commissions last for only one sale. Trezor also provides partial reports on your referrals.


  1. Bitbond Affiliate Program: Bitbond is also very popular for its affiliate program. It is basically a Bitcoin lender that pays you for referring both lenders and borrowers to the website. They offer up to 50% commission for such referrals. Usually, Bitbond offers 20% of the original fee for every borrower you refer. You would also receive an additional 30% for every lender you refer.

Bitbond offers an instant payout option with partial referral reports. Through this program, you can earn your commissions up to two years.

Besides these 10 programs, other lucrative affiliate programs include Paxful, Xcoin, Coinigy, Exmo, Ledger wallet, and many others. If you are interested in passive income in Bitcoin, these affiliate programs can be a very effective way.